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"BLESST " provides Affordable Video Services to Metro Atlanta and Surrounding Areas. We are a Team of A/V Techs featuring DPs, Cameramen, Soundmen & Grips. We do HD & 4K Video Production with Single or Multi Camera Shoots & Drone coverage. For more info & pricing call (678) 608-7348. Ask about our Equipment List.



  • Single & Multi Camera Shoots Drone Coverage
    AD & PA Services 


  • Sound Men
    Boom Operators
    Live Sound Mixing  


  • Grips
    Production Lighting
    Stage Lighting  


  • Adobe Premier
    Final Cut
    Sony Vegas  

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1. Video Improves Your Sales Leads
2. Video Drives Conversion
3. Video Increases Trust

   Video is an excellent marketing tool for your website and Social Media Sites that can help attract leads, convert customers and boost your online sales. Whether it’s company testimonials, product reviews and demos or even customer recommendations, video is a compelling medium for your customers.

   According to online marketing outlet Digital Sherpa, video increases audience understanding of your business by 74% and roughly 30% of everyone’s collective online activity is spent watching videos. That means roughly one third of all online traffic is looking at videos.

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What's the #1 reason a couple should have a Wedding Video? To capture all the moments. Many couples don’t prioritize Video or think they need it. Yet after you experience the biggest day of your life you "ll either  say "THANK GOD WE HAVE A VIDEO or I WISH I HAD THE VIDEO"  It 's easy to miss moments from the Ceremony, Reception and the interactions between family and friends.  Wedding Video documents all the once-in-a-lifetime moments and preserves them forever.   You will also enjoy comments from your loved ones. Hearing thier voices, seeing them enjoying your big day.

   Also not all of your friends or family can attend and some won’t be here 5 or 10 years from now. A Professionally-Shot Wedding Video captures your day so that you can relive it over and over and share it with those most important to you. BEST KEEPSAKE EVER!!! 

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